Lonsdale Street - Crisp Linen

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Lonsdale Street:

Notable for the place to go and get a night's rest in Melbourne, Lonsdale St in the 1890s was home to multiple hotel buildings, churches, restaurants, pubs and two large hospitals, along with housing the royal mint and courthouse.

The street was named after Melbourne's first magistrate, William Lonsdale. Whilst Lonsdale and other streets were initially designed at 99 feet, the Governor, Richard Bourke, initially objected to the large sizing. Based on health and convenience, Hoddle persuaded him to allow the larger st width in present-day Lonsdale St.

During the late 19th century, the home of brothel proprietor Caroline Hodgson, also known as 'Madame Brussels', was positioned on Lonsdale St, a short stroll from Parliament House, which helped derive much of its clientele.

With all those beds in one street, the clean fragrance of Crisp Linen would be filling the local streets on laundry days.

Crisp Linen: 

Like tumbling into clean sheets, crisp from the line, still warm from the sun. A fragrance as inviting as fresh linen infused with the summer breeze. A fresh, powdery floral bouquet with light notes of jasmine and Geranium blended with touches of sweet vanilla.

Top Notes: Breath of Fresh Air, Geranium, Green Clover

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Violet, Moss

Base Notes: Sheer Woods, Sweet Vanilla

Small - 25hr Burn Time
Medium - 50hr Burn Time
Large - 100hr Burn Time


*Medium Candle Shown in images.