Available in 3 sizes


Small - 25hr Burn Time

Medium - 50hr Burn Time

Large - 100hr Burn Time



Melbourne's original fruit, vegetable and imported goods market – The Western Market – was established in December 1841 on a site bounded by Market, Collins, William Sts, and Flinders Ln.


Similarly to the Eastern Market, its popularity was succeeded by Queen Victoria Market. This would be the market that customers visit to buy items like Tahitian Vanilla and Tobacco in Melbourne.


The Western Markets traded for 90 years until 1961 when the market was demolished to make way for car parking and later a bank’s state head office, which was demolished 2014 – 2017.


The location now houses the iconic Collins Arch, which holds a 5-star hotel, office tower, and over 180 apartments.


Tahitian Vanilla & Tobacco:

Alight with fiery ambers and smoky incense Sweet Vanilla, Dry Tobacco and Hay are warm and homely with notes of coconut and malt and, above all else, earthy in essence. With honey laying at its core and musk at the base, this scent is well rounded; not too smoky, not too sweet... just perfect!


Top Notes: Tangerine, Lemon, Fresh Hay, Tobacco Leaf

Middle Notes: Coconut, Malt, Honey, Iris, Rose

Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk, Amber, Incense, Musk

Western Market Buildings - Tahitian Vanilla & Tobacco


Failure to follow Instructions could result in Injury, Hazard or Fire.


Never move a lit Candle or leave unattended.

Always keep out of reach of Children and Pets, and place on a stable, heat resistant surface. Avoid exposure to drafts. Container may become hot.


At the end of combustion, a variable quantity of wax may remain. Always store candle in a cool dark place below 25°C and away from direct sunlight.