Available in 3 sizes


Small - 25hr Burn Time

Medium - 50hr Burn Time

Large - 100hr Burn Time



The Queen Victoria Market spans across 17 acres located on the corner of Elizabeth St and Victoria St, and is the largest open-air market in the southern hemisphere.


The site – now occupied by the Queen Victoria Market complex – has a long and varied history: including a cemetery, an orderly room, a rifle range, a livestock market, and a wholesale fruit and vegetable market.


Opened in 1878, this heritage-listed market has been the heart and soul of Melbourne for 140 years and continues to attract locals and global tourists. The crisp scent of Cucumber mixed with a relaxing touch of Lavender and Sage will invigorate fond memories of strolling through this historical market via the fresh fruit and produce section.


Cucumber, Lavender and Sage:

This herbaceous, fresh bouquet begins with a top note of green cucumber and soothing sage. The heart blends wild lavender, white lilies, chamomile, violet and Bois de rose. The base is a clean, long-lasting musk with accents of cedar and rose.


Fragrance Notes:

Top: Cucumber, Sage

Middle: Lavender, Chamomile

Base: Musk, Rose

Queen Victoria Markets - Cucumber Sage Lavender


Failure to follow Instructions could result in Injury, Hazard or Fire.


Never move a lit Candle or leave unattended.

Always keep out of reach of Children and Pets, and place on a stable, heat resistant surface. Avoid exposure to drafts. Container may become hot.


At the end of combustion, a variable quantity of wax may remain. Always store candle in a cool dark place below 25°C and away from direct sunlight.